Author: Blair Lee

An Eclectic and Effective Approach to Foreign Language Studies

One of the most universal plights of the average homeschooled highschooler is the matter of learning a language, as four years of language studies are required for entrance into most colleges. Since homeschoolers are both blessed and burdened, depending on the situation, with the removal of the guidelines and restrictions that bind your ordinary public high school student, many homeschooled teens and parents of homeschooled teens turn to groups, forums, and other networks of exchange in search of the most effective means of studying a language at a mature college preparatory level. This is by no means a pointless...

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An Eclectic Approach to Becoming a Writer

  It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way. – Ernest Hemingway A question that I often come across on homeschool forums is what can you do to help a struggling writer. I had a struggling writer for many years, and now that he is 16 and thinking about college he is debating majoring in writing. Let me repeat that because it is a remarkable statement: My struggling writer is now thinking about majoring in writing at college. How did he get from the point of tears...

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Learning Through the Holiday Season

Looking back over the years, December has always been one of the most difficult months for homeschooling. Right around the end of November, my children just seem to lose the ability to focus on their lessons. Unfortunately, it isn’t just the children who lose focus – my schedule tends to get a little busier this time of year too. Distractions range from shopping, baking, extra housework and decorating, to preparing for company – there is a lot to do in December! The easy way out is to just take the whole month off of formal school work. When the...

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Where Was Blair Two Years Ago?

नमस्ते आप कैसे हैं Namastee aap kaisee hain Hello, how are you, Have you ever wanted to travel to India? Maybe you have wondered what the Arabic world was like. In December 2013, my family and I traveled to India with a short stay in Dubai at the start of the trip. I wrote daily about our trip. During the trip we learned so much about this part of the world, and fell in love with the places we saw and the culture of India! We also volunteered when we were in India. My son, Sean, said to me...

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Handcrafting High School: Year 1, Month 9 through the Year’s End

We school year round with lots of breaks. That doesn’t matter to a planner like me though. Every year I have a start date and an end date.  The year-end date for this year was the day we picked Sean up from Stanford. Our life was a whirlwind during the time leading up to that. Talk about eclectic! And academic! And we always keep it secular! Science is not a small part of our life! Planning for next year The previous month I had Sean work on some short nonfiction essays. As he was working on these I realized...

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Homeschooling – The Early Years

Written by Jill Harper I have been part of the online homeschool community for a number of years, and I often come across posts from a parent who is panicked about whether their young child or children are doing enough school work. Often the posts will list all the curriculum the parent has purchased and planned for the year and then go on to discuss how frustrated both the parent and the child are becoming with their school day. Sometimes the child becomes grumpy and uncooperative, sometimes the parent feels like all they are doing is yelling at the...

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A Day in the Life: Emily’s Charlotte Mason Inspired Homeschool

Every homeschooler wants to get a peek into another’s day. We’re always curious about how other mom’s manage. Maybe your homeschool tends toward very school-at-home, or classical, or project-based. We all picture every other homeschool mom as being a Pinterest-worthy super-mom, but really, we’re all pretty much the same – just doing our best to educate our children as well as we possibly can. This school year, I am teaching a 11th grader, two 8th graders and a 1st grader. My plate is FULL. I can honestly say, this has been my most challenging school year, as it’s the...

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The Best Method to Use for Learning Is the One that Works

The first time I thought about how others learn best was 40 years ago. I went to high school in Conroe, Texas, which is outside of Houston. Our Spanish teacher recruited several of us to volunteer with her church to assist migrant farmers who were illiterate and/or did not speak English. Our job was to help the men learn to read. Working with them was a powerful experience. It is rare for a young person to be made aware of how important knowledge is for adults who don’t have it. Even when parents push you to do well in...

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From Soup to Nuts Forum: A Secular, Eclectic, Academic Approach to Homeschooling

Wouldn’t it be fun to spend the week sharing tips, strategies, and stories about handcrafting an education? Have you ever had a situation where the best way to learn something didn’t coincide with the easiest way to teach it? Let’s talk about travel and service projects! Where have you been, or where do you want to go? Have you done any service projects? Do you want to do any? Do you have any questions or thoughts about how people learn science, specific science concepts, organizing a science co-op, or incorporating applied math into your child’s science courses? Blair will...

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A Secular, Eclectic, Academic Approach for Twice-Exceptional Students

  SEA: Secular, Eclectic, Academic – What does that mean and look like? How does this approach benefit students who have been identified as twice-exceptional? Secular is obvious and I am not going to spend much time on this component. To say the least, the materials that one chooses are free from a religious worldview (to learn more about why this is important please read Blair’s post here). This is especially important in regards to science materials that one chooses to use with one’s child. Eclectic means that one draws on a wealth of materials and does not need...

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