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A Day in the Life: Emily’s Charlotte Mason Inspired Homeschool

Every homeschooler wants to get a peek into another’s day. We’re always curious about how other mom’s manage. Maybe your homeschool tends toward very school-at-home, or classical, or project-based. We all picture every other homeschool mom as being a Pinterest-worthy super-mom, but really, we’re all pretty much the same – just doing our best to educate our children as well as we possibly can. This school year, I am teaching a 11th grader, two 8th graders and a 1st grader. My plate is FULL. I can honestly say, this has been my most challenging school year, as it’s the...

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The Best Method to Use for Learning Is the One that Works

The first time I thought about how others learn best was 40 years ago. I went to high school in Conroe, Texas, which is outside of Houston. Our Spanish teacher recruited several of us to volunteer with her church to assist migrant farmers who were illiterate and/or did not speak English. Our job was to help the men learn to read. Working with them was a powerful experience. It is rare for a young person to be made aware of how important knowledge is for adults who don’t have it. Even when parents push you to do well in...

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A Secular, Eclectic, Academic Approach for Twice-Exceptional Students

  SEA: Secular, Eclectic, Academic – What does that mean and look like? How does this approach benefit students who have been identified as twice-exceptional? Secular is obvious and I am not going to spend much time on this component. To say the least, the materials that one chooses are free from a religious worldview (to learn more about why this is important please read Blair’s post here). This is especially important in regards to science materials that one chooses to use with one’s child. Eclectic means that one draws on a wealth of materials and does not need...

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When Passion and Delight Inspire Learning

Passion ignites learning. Much has been said about passion-based learning, but to us it simply means finding or creating as many learning opportunities and experiences to which we expose our son, making sure that he is challenged and engaged in a stimulating environment. What fascinates him and what doesn’t? What does he think about a learning activity? We employ one gentle rule: “Try it once or twice and then decide if you want to pursue it or not.” This way, we communicate the message that we respect his decision in the end, but after urging him to be open...

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Modifying Curriculum for a Twice-Exceptional Child

First of all I want to define what it means to be twice-exceptional. A twice-exceptional student is a student that has been identified as gifted and identified as having a disability or condition. Another way of saying this is: “This group of gifted children are exceptional both because of their strengths and because of their limitations. Coupled with high intelligence, these children also may have one or more learning disabilities, attention deficit, autism spectrum disorder, emotional or behavior problems, or other types of learning challenges. ” (From 2E Newsletter – There is a fairly large population in the...

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