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August 2017 Letter From the Editor

Whew. What a busy year it has been for me so far! I have been so busy; I have barely found time to breathe! It has all been exciting and fun though. I am a person who thrives with a lot going on in my life. A fellow author commented recently that I must be crazy to have four books coming out in a three month span. I will admit that sometimes it does feel a bit crazy, but I like it that way. Things have been busy with SEA too. THE CONFERENCE WAS AWESOME! The first SEA Conference...

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When Experiments Don’t Work, That’s When the Science Really Gets Fun!

We have all been there, even me. It is the situation where your child and you set up and perform a science experiment only to have it fail. For most people this is frustrating. When this happens parents often wonder if their children are learning from it. As a scientist, I find it interesting that our response is frustration and doubt instead of delight. R. Buckminster Fuller said it best when he said, There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments with unexpected outcomes. Unexpected outcomes should be treated with a sense of wonder. You have...

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Letter from the Editor, February 2017

For the shortest month of the year, February has a lot going on in it. It is Black History Month, and Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Days are in February. It is a busy month for us at SEA Homeschoolers too. We have a sweepstakes that will begin February 15th, and it is less than four months until our first annual SEA Homeschoolers Conference. From its inception, SEA Homeschoolers has been a support community and an advocacy group. SEA Homeschoolers advocates for the use of innovative, eclectic academics that are handcrafted for the unique learning style of the individual. This sort...

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Letter From the Editor, January 2017

Greetings my fellow SEA Homeschoolers, Happy New Year 2017, and thank you for subscribing to our newsletter! SEA Homeschoolers began humbly. I was looking for a community of homeschoolers to talk to. Homeschoolers who, like me, consider their style secular, academic, and eclectic. I wanted a community where we recognized, valued, and in fact celebrated each other’s differences. A group where it felt comfortable discussing how we were homeschooling our unique children uniquely, but also where we shared the innovative things we were doing in our homeschools. At the time, I was hoping there were at least a handful...

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