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September 2017, Letter from the Editor

How is school going so far? Things are going fairly well here. LOL, there hasn’t been enough time for anything to get too out of kilter. We are in the transition stage, where the focus is on academics, making sure Sean has the skills he will need in college (time management is not his super power), and deciding where Sean wants to go to college. I am loving where we are right now (most days, 17 year-olds do have their moments), and missing where we have been. That is what it is probably like for most homeschooling parents as...

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August 2017: The Astronomy Issue

Subscriber-Only Giveaway – Enter Here to Win RSO Astronomy 2 Letter from the Editor, August 2017 Whew. What a busy year it has been for me so far! I have been so busy; I have barely found time to breathe! It has all been exciting and fun though. I am a person who thrives with a lot going on in my life. A fellow author commented recently that I must be crazy to have four books coming out in a three month span. I will admit that sometimes it does feel a bit crazy, but I like it that way. Things...

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