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SEA Homeschoolers’ Holiday Service Project

Pine Ridge has a special place in my heart. Blair Lee introduced us to the opportunity available for a week of hard labor in exchange for learning more about the Reservation. She warned me it was life changing. I still was not prepared to have my life changed the way it was. We spent a week there with our children. We were joined by groups of people who were strangers for less than 24 hours, and then became friends. I know poor. I live and work in West Virginia. I have worked with families living in extreme poverty. The...

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Community Service Homeschool

Community Service Homeschool is the first in what I hope will be a series of articles featuring projects being done by members of our SEA homeschooling community. I’m sure our entire SEA community is as proud as I am to have such socially thoughtful and involved members. Way to go Tina! How we translated our avocation into our children’s education By Tina Harden Have you ever had a pivotal moment in your life where a decision you made on the spur of the moment took you on a journey you never planned or suspected? One that would have a...

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Handcrafting High School: Year 2, Month 1: The Service Project

I’m going to depart a bit and tell you about what we learned. I think it is the best way for you to get a feel for the profound benefits of exposing young people to this sort of service project where there is service directly to a community, field trips in the community, and talks from members of the community. Talks given by members of this community, while you are volunteering in it, that focus on issues the community is dealing with and has dealt with, are educational in a way no other academic situation could be. It leads to deep...

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A Homeschool Dad Tells About His Recent Service Project in Guatemala

As some of you may know, service and volunteerism are part of our family’s philosophy. Blair, my wife and founder of SEA Homeschoolers, has previously written about this aspect of our family on her blog and here on SEA. In fact, as I’m writing this, she and our son Sean are in downtown San Diego helping newly naturalized citizens register to vote as they exit their final ceremony with their citizenship documents in hand. I was there with them last month, and it is awesome to see the excitement and enthusiasm on the faces of these new U.S. citizens....

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Helping to Save the World: Choosing a Service Project

I think I came out of the womb as a save the world type. I was known early on as the family idealist. My mother would tell the story of me at 2 years of age out in the driveway on a rainy day picking worms off the pavement to put back in the grass, something I still do today. At the age of 11, I volunteered for the first time, canvassing door to door for George McGovern’s presidential campaign. I have volunteered for most of my 44 years since then, working on service projects ranging from those focused...

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