Blair Lee MS - Keynote Speaker

Blair Lee M.S. is the founder of SEA Homeschoolers and author for the critically acclaimed R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey Series.

The Benefit of Homeschooling: It’s Innovative, It’s Eclectic, It’s Organic, It’s Academic – Keynote Talk:
Science for the Secular Homeschooler
Project-Based Learning

Michael Clay Thompson - Featured Speaker

Four-Level Literature Trilogies
The Poetry of Prose
Using the MLA Method to Teach Academic Writing
Introduction to Four-Level Grammar Analysis
Interdisciplinary Vocabulary with Latin and Greek Stems

Michael is the author of more than seventy books about language arts. He is the Past President of the Indiana Association for the Gifted, and he served two terms on the Board of Directors of NAGC, the National Association for the Gifted.

Our 2017 Speakers

Dave Gracer

How to Write a College Essay
Eating Bugs as a Way to Learn About the World!

Emily Cook

Living Books and Adapting Charlotte Mason for Modern Secular Homeschooling

Jeffery Gottlieb, MS

Teaching Primitive Skills to Children

Christina Keller

Adapting and Modifying to Support Homeschooling with Special Needs.

Rebecca Wald

Learning Differences: An Introduction for Homeschooling Families
Reading: When to Worry
ADHD, LD, and College Bound: Preparing Your Alternative Learner for College

Kate Johnson

History—Why Bother?

Dr. Sytil Murphy

Understanding Seasons

Dr. Sharon Kaye

Philosophy for Kids: a Workshop for Kids and their Parents

Alessa Giampaolo Keener, M.Ed.

Unschooling Reading
Help! The Test Report Says “LD”, Now What?

Beverly Burgess

Homeschooling 101-Get Past The Fear
Homeschooling Through Highschool

Ian Guch

The Student as Teacher – A New Approach To Chemistry Education
Making the Most of Linux
Building The Perfect PC From Scratch

Mari Beth Buckroth

There’s Nothing Inappropriate about Secular Homeschooling!

Thom Jones

Homeschooling with Chronic Illness

Jessica Reehl, Beth Barr, and PFLAG

Parent and Teen LGBTQ+ Round Table

Jolinda Kohl

Seed Bombs!
Nature Learning – Permaculture, Biodynamic Soil, and Compost

Amanda McClure

Transitioning to Independent Learning
Creating a Culture of Learning in Your Family

J. R. Becker

Children’s Book Reading & Parent Discussion

Shawn Nakia Law

Talent Show Judge