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One of the missions of SEA Homeschoolers is to provide the secular homeschooling community with a place to find honest reviews for materials that are exclusively secular. We hope having a list of secular-only materials will encourage individuals and companies to begin developing more secular academic materials.

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Math & Magic in Wonderland by Lilac Mohr

Lilac Mohr’s self-published book, Math and Magic in Wonderland is a whimsical story where math and science are interwoven with literary prose. It is both engaging to read and at the same time, it is educational. We often talk about the journey through learning at SEA Homeschoolers and this book fits that sentiment. Paired with this unit study that weaves science, math, and literature in, this book can be used as an excellent project-based learning unit.

SEA Homeschoolers’ January 2017 Book Review


Homeschool Teacher by Kate Laird

I recommend Homeschool Teacher unequivocally. It is filled with sound advice and learning practices. There were reassurances that “you have got this”, which is something even a veteran homeschooler likes to hear. Laird does all of this while weaving in the cool adventure that is her family’s lifestyle.

SEA Homeschoolers’ November 2016 Book Review


Know Yourself Skeletal System Series


Know Yourself Review: A Seriously Good Line of Science Materials

Know Yourself has a wonderful line of science products focused on anatomy. I think you will be impressed by the content, quality, and attention to detail. I know I was!

SEA Homeschoolers’ November Product Review


Out of the Box Learning Review by Beverly Burgess

Beverly Burgess has written a book that is wonderful for those considering homeschooling or just beginning their homeschool journey, as well as veteran homeschoolers in search of support and connections within the homeschool community.

SEA Homeschoolers’ March Product Review

Fisher Hart Academy Foreign Language

Check out the innovative, academic foreign language program for your high school student.

REAL Science Odyssey Chemistry 1

“When we started homeschooling, I was most afraid about teaching science. This curriculum took away that fear and replaced it with joy. Highly recommended!” Matt DeWolf, Amazon Review

Be Naturally Curious Science

Engaging science labs and activities for a variety of ages with wonderful illustrations and clever stories.

REAL Science Odyssey Biology 2

We are really, really enjoying this curriculum. It’s brought excitement back to our science lessons.