Virtual Homeschool Group

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Is this item secular?




Does the manufacturer have frequent sales?


Basic Structure
  • Live
  • Online
Grade Level Per Reviewer
  • Elementary
  • Middle School
Grade Level Per Manufacturer
  • All Grade Levels
Can this material be used for project-based learning, in a way that it can be used to teach multiple subjects?

They offer individual subjects

Are the materials free of cultural bias and stereotyping?

They are secular unless otherwise marked.

Is this product:
  • Child-Led
  • Independent
  • Instructor Driven
Is this product is a good fit for the following type of learner?
  • All Types of Learners
  • Enrichment
  • Extended
  • Supplemental
Are the Academic Goals quantifiable?


Are the materials Common Core, or do they claim to meet state or national standards?


Are there multimedia features or suggestions for additional resources when students become engaged with specific topics?


Is the material innovative and eclectic? Does the material motivate the learner and lead to engaging questions and rabbit holes?


Additional Comments

Virtual Homeschool Group offeres many subjects. We used it for math. They offer free, online clases at It's 'at-your-own-pace' and is easily navigable, which is really great for teaching motivation, independent thinking and extra great if you are working out of the home or working with other children.

They use Saxon Math textbooks. With Saxon Math, previously learned concepts are continually reviewed, and assessment is frequent and cumulative. At each grade level, math concepts are introduced, reviewed, and practiced over time in order to move students from understanding to fluency.

Virtual Homeschool Group is 100% volunteer-run. They have live Lessons, which fill up right away, and at your own pace (AYOP) recorded lectures where you set your own speed, all with course outlines, assignments and quizzes. All your tests are graded and grades are recorded for you. They have curriculum core classes and electives and student and family helps. *You just have to buy the textbook. I found a used one on Amazon.

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