Still trying to decide whether or not to bring your family to the 2018 Secular Eclectic Academic Homeschool Convention in Atlanta this July? Wondering if your kids and teens will have enough to do to keep them interested for four days? Well, we’ve put together five fabulous reasons why we think they’ll want to attend, and maybe ask to come back for next year’s convention as well!

1. Fantastic Workshops

You may already know about the excellent speakers we have lined up for parents, but did you know that we’re also putting together a full weekend of workshops and talks just for kids and teens? Whether they’re interested in science, literature and writing, art, government, or entrepreneurship, we know there will be something here for everyone.

We’ve already scheduled:

  • two hands-on science workshops with local biologist, Dr. Tonya Shearer
  • an engaging writing workshop with Brave Writer’s Julie Bogart
  • Social Emotional Learning in a Multicultural Setting with Julian Smart-Rimple
  • two interactive sessions on Entrepreneurship for Teens with Marianna Brashear of FEE
  • a discussion of how Global Warming is Changing our Climate with author and Secular Eclectic Academic Homeschoolers founder, Blair Lee
  • a look at Learning about Law & Government in an Era of “Fake News” with P. Andrew Torrez
  • an exploration of Leadership Skills for Kids with Dauv Evans
  • Microsoft is providing 9 and 1/2 hours of programming for kids.

And this is just a sampling of what to expect; more fantastic options for kids and teens will be added in the coming weeks!

2. Fun Activities

Looking for four days of fun, games, and social activities just for our homeschooled kids and teens? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

There will be gaming sessions, including Ultimate Werewolf, Smash Bros., and Magic the Gathering; a kids makers space; an art room; Harry Potter trivia contest; movie night for the younger kids; a fabulous teen dance on Saturday; a High School graduation ceremony; children’s story times; a college fair; and so much more!

Kids age 7 and up can be signed in for activities and dropped off; younger children will need a parent or responsible adult to stay with them for the fun.


3. Friends

Secular homeschoolers from across the country will be attending this year’s convention, which means opportunities to meet and make friends with other homeschooling families with shared interests. Whether your kids and teens connect with new friends through one of our workshops or through one of the many fun, social events we have planned, they’ll leave with friends that they can stay in touch with even after the convention is over. It’s like a shorter version of summer camp, just for secular homeschoolers.

4. Flexibility

In addition to all of the engaging activities on the schedule, there will also be plenty of down time to take a break, enjoy the hotel, hang out in small groups, or just relax in a quiet spot and take it all in. And, if (like me) you have kids and teens who would sometimes rather hang closer to you than spend the entire weekend exploring their own activities, that’s ok too.

One of the best things about this family-friendly convention is the flexibility. Kids and teens can take part in their own fun workshops, or they can bring a book to read (or some other quiet entertainment) and join their parents for the adult workshops and panel discussions.

5. Field Trips

Atlanta is home to a variety of interesting, fun, and often historical, locations that are perfect for family field trips; and many are within walking distance of the Atlanta Marriott Marquis, where the convention is being held. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite picks here, for attendees who may want to spend a little extra time exploring the city and turning their convention trip into an unforgettable summer vacation.

Things to do and see in Atlanta, 2018 Secular Homeschool Convention,

Things to do and see in Atlanta, 2018 Secular Homeschool Convention,

Photo Credit: Shawne Taylor

Things to do and see in Atlanta, 2018 Secular Homeschool Convention,

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