From Relaxed to Rigor: How to Move to a More Structured Homeschool

Many of us are drawn to relaxed schooling. However, as students get older, we begin to worry about how to make sure they have the tools they need to succeed. Older students often have goals that require specific, formal learning. Don’t feel like the only solution is to compromise your relaxed ideals or send your kids to school! This workshop will cover how to decide when to push and when to relax, different routines and approaches to easing into more formal schooling, and ways to be creative with core subjects.

Tweens, Eye Rolls, and Surviving Middle School

Everyone knows that the middle school years are “hard”, but do they have to be? Don’t be intimidated by middle school! While some parents think it’s the right time to send kids back to school, it’s actually the perfect time to homeschool. This workshop will cover how to understand the middle school brain, make your middle school engaging, and avoid burnout.

Farrar’s Biography


Farrar Williams has more than two decades of experience in education. She is a consultant at Simplify Homeschool and College Counseling. She’s also a former classroom teacher at both traditional and alternative schools and current blogger and homeschooler.


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