The Power of Entrepreneurship
In three sessions, teens will learn the power of entrepreneurship, and how they can use it for life-long success. Adults are welcome at the session “THE POWER OF THE ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET.”
Entrepreneurship in Action
This special workshop for teens (12+), prepares students for life-long success by teaching the importance of ethical entrepreneurship, business skills, and thinking with an entrepreneurial mindset. With short inspiring videos, classroom discussion focused on competition, profits, and free enterprise, each student will work with their team to come up with a business plan. With the leadership, speaking,/communication skills, and critical thinking they learn, this workshop culminates in an exciting Shark Tank competition with real prizes! Open to ages 12+. Space is limited, you must RSVP for this workshop per the instructions below.
This special workshop is included in the Teen Convention Ticket; however, you must RSVP to claim your guaranteed seat. RSVP at:
Teens wishing to only attend this workshop may buy a Teen Thursday Workshop ONLY ticket for $25 on the convention website. You must also RSVP via the link above.
The Power of the Entrepreneurial Mindset
Join Marianna Brashear for this teen (ages 12+) workshop that engages, educates, and inspires teachers, parents, and students alike as they learn about the importance of individual responsibility, ethical entrepreneurship, strong personal character, and the power of markets. Participants will feel empowered  as they discover the entrepreneurial mindset and its
​​profound positive effect on personal and professional success no matter the career path chosen. Learn to become a value creator as you acquire invaluable economic concepts, leadership skills, speaking and interview skills, critical and creative thinking with FEE resources and seminars. And best of all, workshop participants will receive a free copy of the timeless classic I,Pencil. Discover how entrepreneurship and sound economics can change your life at Open to teens (12+) and adults.
The Trading Game
Join Marianna Brashear for this teen (ages 12+) for this engaining workshop. Through the Trading Game students will experience firsthand the power of markets. It’s one of the most engaging and memorable activities used to learn about gains from trade. Voluntary exchanges occur when each person involved believes he or she will be better off. Wealth, as measured by satisfaction levels in this activity, is created through the ‘magic’ of trade – even when no new items are produced. Students actually get to trade with one another and experience the excitement first hand and maybe even walk away with some freebies! Learn more at
Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018
Marianna’s Biography

Marianna is the Curriculum Development and Outreach Manager at the Foundation for Economic Education and also a homeschool mom. She started Atlanta Secular Homeschool group which has approximately 1,000 secular homeschool families in the Atlanta area. She is a Ukrainian immigrant whose life passion is to promote the ideas and virtues of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and the entrepreneurial mindset. For fun, Marianna is an accomplished ballroom and Latin dancer and instructor. She also enjoys international travel and reading about positive psychology and philosophy. Marianna holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Aspen University.