Alycia Wright, M.Ed.

Meet the Teacher: Alycia Wright, M.Ed.

Alycia Wright, M.Ed. is a former public teacher of ten plus years turned homeschooling mother of the last 7 years.

She holds a Masters of Education with an emphasis on Special Education and Gifted Education from Virginia Commonwealth University. In the public schools, Alycia taught US History, Civics, and speciality classes such as Wilson Reading for students with reading disabilities, as well a math club for students with Dyscalculia, all at the middle school level.
Alycia is the founder and director of Cultural Roots Homeschool Cooperative in Richmond, Virginia. This co-op specifically focuses on history from a decolonized lens and supports families of color. Her passions include providing diverse educational resources and assistance. One of her latest endeavors is the creation of a statewide homeschool conference to address the needs of homeschooling families of color.
With regards to other areas of work, she serves as National Director of Radical Inclusion for Together We Will USA and is a founding member of Together We Will RVA. Alycia serves a local youth mentor for Envision, Lead, Grow, whose goal is end poverty by introducing girls to entrepreneurship.  Lastly, Alycia teaches a variety of African-American /US history classes both in person and online. She also does a great deal of community activism workshops & creating community partnerships for youth in Central Virginia. You can contact Alycia at

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