Manage Your Homeschool Like a Boss

Session Description

You are busy! Choosing curriculum, lesson planning, meal planning, teaching, making sure your children stay on task and keeping your house from falling into a state of squalor. You are a project manager, so why not use the tools of a project manager to keep your homeschool running like a well-oiled machine – or at least keep everyone fed, clean, and moving forward in their learning journey. During this session we will discuss strategies and tools to help you:
1. Create a scope and sequence for the year OR how not to overschedule yourself
2. Decide which is best for you: daily vs weekly vs monthly lesson planning
3. Establishing routines to keep everyone productive
4. Managing screen time
5. Meal Planning
6. Chore Management
Participants are encouraged to bring any curriculum they have with them so that they can use it to create a real scope and sequence and lesson plan.

Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018

Amanda’s Biography


Amanda is the Founding Director of Groovy Kids Online, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making every family a learning family. Additionally, she homeschools her 12-year-old son and the occasional neighbor kid when they need it.