Tech Meets Homeschooling for Disruptive Change in Education
Session Description

If some new approach is going to disrupt the current education system and change it radically for the better, it is likely it will come from outside the existing system. In the past two decades we’ve seen how technology has disrupted major industries to change how we live and work. Yet the regular school system has remained relatively untouched. The ingredients for disruptive change are a step forward in technology combined with an under-recognized and innovative early adopter community. I believe these ingredients are now in place in education with the SEA Homeschooler’s community at the forefront.

I will draw parallels between my experience with tech startups and the innovation I see in the SEA Homeschoolers community. I will talk about why new tech companies in education like Mystery Science, Jam, Wonderschool, CottageClass and Outschool are so excited to work with homeschoolers.


Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018

Amir’s Biography


Amir is co-founder and CEO of Outschool – the marketplace for live online classes for kids. Both his parents were teachers and his interest in learning outside of regular school started early when he taught himself to code. His parents, seeing his interest, found a retired economics professor who was starting to teach computer science on the side. He has worked in tech his entire career including stints at IBM, Square and founding or investing in several tech startups.

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