Author: Christina Keller

Top Ten Reasons I Wanted a Secular Homeschool Conference in Shepherdstown, West Virginia

10. Shepherdstown is located 1 hour from Washington DC, 1.5 hours from Baltimore, 3 hours from Philadelphia and 5 hours from New York. It is located in the middle of the East Coast.  IS 81 runs up and down the East Coast and IS 70 runs from East to West Coast. 9. Having a homeschool group that teaches, discusses and shares information about evolution and climate change. 8. Networking, forming friendships, having fun! 7.  Opportunities for my secular teens to meet with other secular kids and teens. 6. Learning about, discussing, identifying ways to support my teens academic futures....

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SEA Welcomes You to Shepherdstown, WV

I love Shepherdstown, WV, and I am so excited to share this town with everyone coming to the SEA Conference. My kids and I spend a lot of time there; it is a very homeschool friendly community. We will often go walk several miles along the C and O Canal then hit the Green Pineapple for some Bubble Tea or Asian Fusion food. We also attend many activities at Shepherd University, and then often get dinner at The Blue moon Cafe. For us the Blue Moon is ago to place to eat with local, fresh food and options that...

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SEA Homeschoolers’ Holiday Service Project

Pine Ridge has a special place in my heart. Blair Lee introduced us to the opportunity available for a week of hard labor in exchange for learning more about the Reservation. She warned me it was life changing. I still was not prepared to have my life changed the way it was. We spent a week there with our children. We were joined by groups of people who were strangers for less than 24 hours, and then became friends. I know poor. I live and work in West Virginia. I have worked with families living in extreme poverty. The...

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Homeschooling a Special Needs Child

by Christina Keller MA I am a huge advocate for families homeschooling their children with special needs. I believe schools are high stress, low engagement, and very punishing environments for children who learn out of the box. Parents are vested in the overall well-being of their children and know their children the best. This makes parents who can manage it, the best educators for these children. It is easy to become overwhelmed, though, when your job extends from parenting to include educating. In the years I have worked in education, I have applied the following methods in both home and classroom,...

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