Author: Julie Bogart

The Distance between Voice & Mechanics by Julie Bogart

by Julie Bogart, creator of Brave Writer. Is it possible to nurture your child’s writing voice without worrying about the mechanics of writing? Will that foster a carelessness in children’s writing habits? Shouldn’t kids learn to care about how they spell, how they punctuate, how they construct their sentences and paragraphs? Isn’t attentiveness to the form as important as attentiveness to the content? It’s true that meticulous care about mechanics is a final step in every writing process. When high school students would turn in papers to me, I always told them that they should make sure their work is...

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Featured Speaker Julie Bogart

Don’t Let High School Writing Scare You! If you and I had dinner together, I could teach you the essay format on the back of a napkin! What’s missing in most writing programs for high school is teaching students how to generate insight. This session will focus on how to grow your teen’s rhetorical imagination so that your student has something of worth to put in all those essays. Julie will share tools and strategies for expanding your teen’s world through research, risky thinking, and writing. Learn how to prepare for college admission, too. Finally, Julie will address the...

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Dyslexia and Dysgraphia with Julie Bogart

The Magic of a Language-Rich Lifestyle for Kids with Dyslexia & Dysgraphia Children who struggle with the mechanics of written language because of dyslexia and dysgraphia do not need to be barred from the thrill of authorship—the sense of themselves as writers! Today’s technological landscape makes it possible in brand new ways to empower our kids to be the writers they deserve to be! This session will offer practical tips and ideas for how to bring writing to life for kids who struggle with reading and handwriting. Julie’s Bio I have five kids (now adults) and homeschooled them for seventeen...

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