Author: Kate Laird

Kate Laird: Homeschooling 101

The talk will cover the basics of beginning homeschooling. 1. Who homeschools? 2. Is it legal? 3. How much will it cost? 4. What about socialization? 5. What about high school? 6. How do I begin? 7. Types of homeschooling 1. Deschooling 2. Unschooling 3. Eclectic 4. Classical 5. Afterschooling 6. Emergency Homeschooling 8. Should I buy a boxed curriculum? 9. Where can I find help? 10. Where can I find guidelines about what to study when? Comment below to be entered to win one of 5 cool prizes given away each day! Kate Laird is the author of...

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Why Study History?

History is our story, the record of our triumphs and tragedies. Without history, everything is new and surprising; history does not predict the future, but it narrows the possibilities. The best way to learn history is to immerse yourself in the study of it – through historical television dramas, movies, historical novels, and by reading history, particularly one that takes both a social and political approach. Children love learning what other children’s lives were like, but even older students (and adults) like their history to read like a novel. In teaching history, remember the twenty-year rule: do you want...

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