Author: Lorilei Dreibelbis

Lorilei Dreibelbis

Neurodiversity and Sensory Processing The window of sensory processing empowers us to better understand behavior – plus it provides vocabulary that seeds self-advocacy and empowers authentic learning. The human neurological system manifests with as much diversity as, well, people. Come, equip yourself with information and empathy that will change the way you deal with teaching, learning, maybe even yourself. In this workshop, we will look at information, share stories, and do some hand-on activities to help your home-schooler(s) find their Awesomest Version of Themself! Lorilei’s Biography Lorilei taught in private, public, parochial, and Montessori schools, grades Pre-K through 12,...

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Sensory Processing Basics

Sensory Processing Basics Description This talk focuses on sensory processing basics. I look at the major sensory systems and how they can affect our learning, specifically through the lens of Neurodiversity and the natural expression of Human Variability. In other words, we’re all different, so we encounter, process, and express to the world differently – and it drives our behavior! This presentation will help you tie all that stuff the Occupational Therapist has been talking about with some deep insights into effective learning (teaching). The goal is always Self Advocacy, and that starts with Self Knowledge. Lorilei’s Bio Lorilei...

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