Author: Samantha Cook

International Day of Women and Girls in Science: There’s Still Work To Be Done

  International Women and Girls in Science Day International Women and Girls in Science Day is upon us, and it’s interesting to think that we need a day to recognize the female interest in and contributions to science, but here we are. We absolutely need to celebrate it. And while I hope this is an inspirational piece of writing, I also believe that the time for well crafted words has passed and now, more than ever, is a time for action. Women have always been involved in science, from the ancient wisdom of healers who used the natural world...

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Project Based Learning and Making with Samantha Matone Cook

Project Based Learning and Making Turning any Interest into a Meaningful, Holistic Experience. Join Samantha Matalone Cook on an inspiring exploration of Project Based Learning and Making. Detaling how to turn any interest into a meaningful project, and how Making can add a sensory element to projects that enhances knowledge acquisition and retention. Learn how to support kids at any developmental stage in planning the scope of their projects, how to integrate Making and other tangible experiences into their plan, and how use their project to reach a goal or make an impact. Time will be added for questions,...

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Learning through Making – in a Nutshell

Throughout our evolution as humans, we have always learned best by doing. While our current public education model has veered away from developmental science, as home educators we have the opportunity to embrace this curiosity and experimentation in our daily lives. Making and Hacking supports learners and can be integrated into every method or philosophy of homeschooling, and into every subject. Kinesthetic moments are the keystones to lifelong learning because they embody the essence of a skill or topic, not just the knowledge we are trying to impart. This flexibility and adaptability around skills and concepts is essential to...

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