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Serious Learning, Serious Fun: How Brainteasers, Games, and Puzzles Help Kids Learn

By Hannah Thelen Building an engaging lesson that will capture a child’s attention and fight off boredom is a constant struggle for every educator. The solution to this problem may be found nestled at the intersection between play and learning: Puzzles. Puzzles come in many forms. Traditional jigsaw puzzles and other physical assembly puzzles, word puzzles, math puzzles, and logic puzzles have been enjoyed for generations, and exist all over the world. Regardless of what form they come in, puzzles and other thinking games offer extensive cognitive benefits while keeping kids of all ages active, engaged, and motivated to...

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It All Adds Up!: Get Your Children Excited About Math

By Allison Zaleski “Why do we have to learn this?” is a common lament when you try to get kids to focus on math lessons. Dreading a math class is almost a rite of passage for many young learners. Helping children connect with math, understand it is important, and, even, enjoy learning it can give them more confidence and open doors. Math is often seen as a stand-alone subject that doesn’t have much to do with other subjects. However, math is all around us. Helping a child connect math lessons with other lessons in art, literature, science, and more...

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Making STEM Subjects Accessible for English Language Learners

Bilingual STEM Resources Learning a new language is hard. Trying to learn complicated math and science concepts in a new language is even harder. With almost five million English Language Learners (ELLs) in U.S. public schools facing this near-impossible challenge, it is difficult to believe that bilingual STEM resources are still not readily available. The rate of high school graduation for ELLs is only 63 percent, almost 20 percent lower than the national average. These students often fall behind in basic subjects due to insufficient language accommodations. Wendi Pillars, an experienced ESL teacher from Chatham County Schools in North...

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