Author: Thomas Morrow

Structured Literacy with Thomas Morrow

Focusing on several core foundations, Structured Literacy is an approach first developed for students who suffer from dyslexia but has been found to work well for all children. Learn more about structured literacy and how to use it in your secular home education program. Structured Literacy with Thomas Morrow Like many of us in the home education community, I generally don’t think much of educational theorizing by PhD’s. As a child, I was one of the subjects of educational experiments during three of my primary schooling years, 2nd grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade. These were lost years and...

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Deficits and Learning Challenges : Attentive, Cognitive and Theoretical

Deficits and Learning Challenges….Attentive, Cognitive and Theoretical Description One of the greatest advantages of home education is the ability to tailor a course of learning to each student’s special needs. We have gotten very good at giving names to difficulties children face, but does our approach and understanding of learning challenges truly make sense? Having raised two children with learning challenges, it has become clearer to me how wrongly we looked at child rearing when I was a child and how we are still wrong, just in a different way, now. This discussion is meant to give encouragement to...

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