Homeschool with Less Stress

February Webinar: 2/27/2019

Homeschooling offers many methodologies. Have you wondered about self-led learning and if it’s right for your child? Tune in on 2/27 to learn more and have a live Q&A with best selling author, Mary Herrington. Her book, From Stressed to Best, features how self-led learning helped her children experience a deeper education while struggling with mental illness and learning disabilities.

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At the end of the webinar there will be a drawing from attendees to give away, Mary’s book From Stressed to Best and some anxiety reducing herbal chocolates. Mary is a certified GF chef with a licensed kitchen as well as a certified herbalist and aromatherapist.
Listen to it live or taped. You must be a member of SEA Homeschoolers to watch this webinar.
Mary Herrington is an award-winning homeschool blogger and best-selling indie author specializing in the self-led learning methodology. She has been homeschooling for almost a decade with children who suffer from mental illness: bipolar 2, severe anxiety, depression, PTSD as well as severe dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and 6 different vision disorders. Even with all that stacked against them, Mary’s children have excelled at learning and loving life.
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