Blair Lee

Blair Lee, M.S.

Blair Lee, MS earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Master’s degree in Chemistry at the University of California San Diego. Blair is the author of The Science of Climate Change: A Hands-On Course, the primary author for the critically acclaimed REAL Science Odyssey Series, and co-author of Project-Based Learning: Creating a Modern Education of Curiosity, Innovation, and Impact. She has been involved in science education for over two decades, first as a community college professor and secondly as a curriculum developer.  Blair is a passionate advocate of innovative academics where the focus is on how subjects are best learned. Through her speaking and writing, her goal is to empower educators to dare to be innovative and create something unique and academically-rich when handcrafting their child’s journey through learning. Blair Lee, MS is the founder of Secular, Eclectic, Academic Homeschoolers and SEA Books & More.

Symposium Opening:
Secular, Eclectic, Academic Homeschooling
Monday, July 22, 2019
12:00-12:30pm EST

SEA Homeschoolers Founder Blair Lee discusses the unique mission of providing a handcrafted, secular education for your children. Learn about her motivation for creating the SEA Homeschoolers community and discover the many efforts SEA is making on behalf of members to provide more choices in secular curriculum, resources, and community.

Creating Learner-Centered Education through Project-Based Learning
(with Samantha Matalone Cook, MAT)
Wednesday, July 24, 2019
4:45-6:00pm EST

Project-based learning is a profound learning methodology that applies knowledge and skills to real-world problems, questions, and challenges. Project-based learning creates a partnership between parent and child, as they journey through the process of planning, learning, documenting, and presenting tangible outcomes for personal and social impact. Join Blair Lee, M.S., and Samantha Matalone Cook, MAT,  for this informative, hands-on workshop/talk based on their new book that will connect the interests of your learners with the process of project-based learning, empowering you to include PBL in your home education!