Considering A College or University Out of the Box

In every community, there are a set of colleges and universities that are on everyone’s mind and tend to be considered by many of the college bound. These “usual suspects” among the colleges and universities may be known because of proximity, size, low cost or even athletic prowess. The purpose of this session, conducted by a home school dad of two and a senior admissions and aid leader, is to encourage students and parents to think “outside the box” on college choices. We will discuss thinking more broadly than your “usual suspects” and discuss colleges and universities that may be further away from home geographically, have a smaller sized student body, or have a particularly distinctive institutional personality such as being a single gender college, having a strong emphasis on student work or being located in an unusual location. The hope of this session is that it will give students and parents permission to look more widely as they consider more than simply the “usual suspects.”

Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018
Brett’s Biography

As a homeschool dad of two, Brett E. Kennedy understands the distinctive challenges that homeschool families face in the college admissions process. With 25 years of experience in college admissions, scholarship and financial aid, new student orientation and parent programming, Brett has the benefit of having worked for both private national liberal arts colleges and two flagship national research universities. Most recently, Brett served a national liberal arts college in an senior admissions and aid leadership role for 10 years rising to the position of Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management. Brett holds an MA in Higher Education Administration from the University of Alabama and a BA in History from Birmingham-Southern College.



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