Build Your Library Family Reading Crate Review

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The latest product from Build Your Library is the Family Reading Crate. It is a literary subscription box. Each month subscribers get a box with four books, a unit-study booklet, and one or two non-book items. All items tie in around a monthly theme. There is a picture book for younger children, a middle grade family read-aloud, a book for older readers, and a book for you, the parent!

I received the May 2018 Crate – Woof Woof! Yeah, Bark Bark! I loved it! I loved getting it, unpacking, it, looking at all the selections. I couldn’t wait to read the children’s book to my grandchildren. The rest were read by members of my family. It felt like the books had been lovingly and thoughtfully chosen. Each book was excellent and enjoyed by all of us who read them. If you are a family of book lovers, like mine is, I expect you will be as big a fan as I am. I thought the study guide was a nice addition. With that, it would be easy to use this subscription service to help your children meet monthly reading and reading comprehension goals.

Reading Lily and the Octopus I laughed, cried, and held my aging border collie close. I read this book over two days when I had the flu. I just could not put it down.

Maxi’s Secret is for middle school aged readers. I really enjoyed it myself. It is about the relationship between Timminy (who just moved to town), his neighbor Abby (who is blind), and a deaf dog named Maxi. This book does a wonderful job with character development as it thoughtfully explores topics of bullying and challenges with a great feel good ending. This would be a wonderful addition to any middle school reading list.

Paper Wishes is historical fiction at its best. It isn’t as focused on dogs as the other 3 books; instead it tackles the difficult topic of Japanese internment during WWII. If possible, after reading this book a visit to an internment camp would be a great activity. We have visited 3 over the years. The best by far was Manzanar in California. It has been made into a National Park.

My grandchildren loved From Wolf to Woof. We read it with our pug who assured us that there is still a lot of wolf in her.

See what I mean about the thoughtful and loving selection of this group of books.

You can purchase a subscription using this link. Emily will be in Atlanta at the SEA Homeschoolers Convention 2018 with the full line of Build Your Library Products.


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