Category: History & Social Studies

How To Plan History

Are you thinking about how to approach history in your homeschool? Particularly if you are just starting out, it can seem like there are too many choices. Should you start with American history, or go chronologically? Should you buy a structured program or build your own, based off your child’s interests? I’ll be breaking down how to make decisions about history for your homeschool, and sharing my planning process plus a free printable chart along the way.

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A Unique Teacher for Unorthodox Students

One of the many unique sessions at the SEA Convention this year was the Harry Potter Trivia Contest, and it’s no surprise that it was presented by a very unique teacher!  Christy Seelye-King not only hosted this fun event for older kids and teens at the convention, but she also created a challenging and detailed Harry Potter scavenger hunt that took players all over the hotel as they sought the answers.  She’s given us a wonderful window into her life, and we’d love to share that with you.

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