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There are 11 ways to connect with SEA Homeschoolers on Facebook

Written by Kat Hutcheson Building a secular, eclectic, academic community is an important part of SEA Homeschoolers. It started with our main academic group, Secular Eclectic Academic (SEA) Homeschoolers, and has now grown to include 8 subgroups. SEA Homeschoolers Main Group is where we share ideas, resources, interesting articles from around the web, have conversations about eclectic academics, ask questions about homeschooling, and discuss curriculum and learning. This group is gregarious, and friendly. We stay strictly on academic issues in this group. SEA Homeschoolers main group is exclusively secular and inclusively welcoming. You must be a member of the main...

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Introducing SEA Homeschoolers LGBTQ

Teaching social justice fosters compassion, tolerance, and respect for others. I hear from other homeschoolers that this is important to teach. I agree. For my 16 year old, Sean, I do this by weaving books about relevant topics through each academic year. This past year Sean has read Words will Break Cement the Passions of Pussy Riot, Beloved, 1984, Catcher in the Rye, Blood Meridian, March, Persepolis, the Last Lecture, and Becoming Nicole. I read through these books with Sean, and we discuss them. (Several of these were read in the SEA Homeschoolers Teen book club.) The book Becoming Nicole...

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Homeschooling the Twice-Exceptional Student – There Will Be Gaps and That’s OK

This young man is incredibly creative and he is twice-exceptional. He makes movies, writes stories, animates, composes, records original songs, and works on other creative endeavors all day long. He is never idle, never bored. My son works from the moment he wakes up, which is usually before 7:00, and stays busy until around 10:00 at night when he finally tires out and heads to bed. Sleep usually comes an hour later when his mind finally calms down. Most days I am in awe of all he does. It really is amazing. But it is also incredibly frustrating, and at times,...

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