Celebrating STEM with Science, Naturally: April 2018 Newsletter

Serious Learning, Serious Fun

How Brainteasers, Games, and Puzzles Help Kids Learn

Building an engaging lesson that will capture a child’s attention and fight off boredom is a constant struggle for every educator. The solution to this problem may be found nestled at the intersection between play and learning: Puzzles.

Kathleen Donahue, homeschool parent and owner of Labyrinth Games and Puzzles in Washington, D.C., facilitates after-school strategic game classes in 13 elementary schools, and knows firsthand the power of puzzles in children’s education. Donahue says that puzzles are “less intimidating than a lot of other educational instruments,” so kids have more confidence … read more

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It All Adds Up!
Get Your Children Excited About Math

By Allison Zaleski

“Why do we have to learn this?” is a common lament when you try to get kids to focus on math lessons. Dreading a math class is almost a rite of passage for many young learners. Helping children connect with math, understand it is important, and, even, enjoy learning it can give them more confidence and open doors.

Math is often seen as a stand-alone subject that doesn’t have much to do with other subjects. However, math is all around us. Helping a child connect math lessons with other lessons in art, literature, science, and more can create memorable and fascinating experiences… read more

Stem books for secular homeschoolingCheck out Science Naturally in the Vendor Hall at the SEA Convention in Atlanta!

Clever STEM books for secular homeschooling families

Are you looking for a fresh new addition to your secular homeschool toolbox? Look no further than Science, Naturally! With award-winning, National Science Teacher Association recommended books for preschool through middle school, available in multiple languages (and bilingual books too), Science, Naturally! connects kids with STEM education through brainteasers, puzzles, fiction, and nonfiction by merging facts and fun. Read the Rest of Kat’s Review

Making STEM Subjects Accessible for English Language Learners

Bilingual education is not just for English Language Learners. Many English speakers are discovering the powerful positive impact that knowledge of a second language can have on academic and personal success. Reading and math scores of students in two-way dual language education are higher than those of monolingual students, regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic status, proficiency in English, or special education skills. Bilingual children also demonstrate an increased sense of self-worth and identity, and tend to relate to others better than monolingual students.The handful of websites and books mentioned here fill only a small portion of the bilingual STEM resources … read more