Scottish Country Dance Mini-Ceilidh
Come join us for an hour of fun & easy Scottish Country Dancing ceilidh favorites, including the Gay Gordons, The Ferryboat, Prince of Orange, The St. Johns River, and more! Anyone who wants to learn social country dancing will enjoy this wholly-integrated holistic mind-body exercise, as seen in Outlander, at Dragon*Con, the Highland Games, and many others. You’ll learn the standard steps necessary to do these dances and many more, and you’ll be able to continue to learn with your nearest RSCDS branch when you return home! The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society has branches worldwide and promotes Scottish Country Dancing for the benefit of present and future generations. No experience necessary, wear flexible shoes (or socks), ages 10 and up, please.

Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018

Chris’s Biography


Chris Wilson is a homeschool dad who has been performing and teaching historical dance since 1996. He studied historical music and dance at The Florida State University and Case Western Reserve University, as well as at the Stanford Baroque Dance Workshop. Mr. Wilson actively performs and teaches historical and modern social country dance, focusing on Regency, English, and Scottish Country Dancing, as well as 18th Century Baroque Dance style and technique. In 1998, Mr. Wilson co-founded the Atlanta Baroque Dance Company, which he currently co-directs with Kat Peng Nagar. Mr. Wilson is on the board of the Atlanta Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, and is pleased to encourage and mentor new generations of dancers.

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