ACT and SAT: Preparing Early

The ACT and SAT are touted as exams over everything that students have learned from 8th grade on. Don’t believe it. This is a test over a finite amount of information that can be taught.

Can you imagine walking into a 3+ hour exam without an instructor to review the information? No? Me neither.

Join Deb Hagerty, owner of Erudite Tutors, to discuss some statistics related to what is effective preparation and what is not. When this preparation should begin and when your student should begin taking the ACT or SAT. What it means to send your child into these tests with the confidence and tools that they need.

Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018

Deb’s Biography

A lifelong homeschooler, Deb Hagerty’s mom was the go to math tutor in her community and Deb followed directly in her footsteps. Now, after over a decade of tutoring, Deb still gets excited about things like factoring polynomials or graphing parabolas – much to her students’ chagrin. Over her first few years of math tutoring, Deb began to see a pattern of excellent students failing to succeed on the SAT and ACT, so she started from scratch. Taking the best from every program she could find and a keen mind for personal evaluation, she put together an approach that is not structured, but instead takes into account each student’s learning styles and builds their strengths. From this came the idea for Erudite, a tutoring company that is a collection of whole-hearted people who aspire to lead your student to the highest academic excellence through a partnership, not a program.

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