Healthy Children, Healthy Lives: Implementing a Health Education for the Early Grades

Teaching healthy living should be part of every academic program. Health education includes more than physical education. This workshop explores the many aspects of health education, including physical health and illness prevention; personal safety; nutrition and exercise; self-esteem and communication skills; and risk-taking and decision-making skills. Through a series of activities, participants will gain a large toolkit of practical actions and helpful information to launch a comprehensive health education program.

Creating an Effective Homeschooling Portfolio

A homeschooling portfolio needs to accurately reflect your student’s work and abilities. This workshop helps you create an effective portfolio and set up record-keeping systems that will help make this task easier. We’ll look at tailoring the portfolio based on the audience and purpose, how to document student work, organization techniques, and documenting extra-curricular activities.

Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018
Kay’s Biography

Kay earned a BA in Environmental Studies, an MEd focusing on both integrated day and Waldorf Curriculum, and a Master’s in Teaching from SIT. She has worked in Waldorf Schools in both the elementary and kindergarten/nursery programs. Kay spent two years in the Peace Corps in Macedonia where she was an English resource faculty and advisor working with all ages from pre-K to adults. She also led professional development workshops on natural science curriculum to teachers through the Vermont Institute of Natural Science. Kay is passionate about instilling a love of learning, and she believes that If students enjoy and value their education, they become lifelong learners full of curiosity and joy.



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