Dr. Michelle Parrinello-Cason

Meet the Teacher: Dr. Michelle Parrinello-Cason

Dr. Michelle Parrinello-Cason has a Ph.D. in English with an emphasis on rhetoric and composition. She has more than a decade of teaching experience including six years of full-time college experience. She has designed workshops and classes for elementary, middle, and high school students and is a homeschooling mom of two.

Her passions include pop culture, moral philosophy, essay writing, and reading skills. She designs classes that take a multi-disciplinary, integrated reading-writing approach to make sure learners have context and purpose for everything they create.

During her time as an English professor, Michelle specialized in teaching “developmental” writing, which means she was working with the students who had been deemed unprepared for college-level writing. In that work, she formed a teaching philosophy deeply centered on trust.

She believes that students learn best when they know that their instructor genuinely trusts them to do well. She works hard to avoid assignments and classroom dynamics that create antagonistic power structures. Instead, she wants learners to see her as a supportive guide who genuinely aims to help them reach their own goals.

Michelle’s doctoral work heavily focused on the history of writing instruction in America with an emphasis on the way writing pedagogy reinforced structural power dynamics. This work has committed Michelle to a lifelong pursuit of pedagogical practices that resist such power dynamics. She aims to create — through the practical impacts of assignments, course discussions, and feedback — educational experiences that empower learners to use their own voices.

You can contact Michelle at [email protected]


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August 31-October 25, 2020Writing from Different Viewpoints: Ethics and the FutureAges 14+Michelle Parrinello-Cason$180CLASS FULL
August 31-October 12, 2020Exploring Philosophy with The Good Place: Season 1Ages 14+Michelle Parrinello-Cason$60CLASS FULL
September 1, 2020-May 31, 2021Teen Book club, High School, SEA Online ClassesAges 13+Michelle Parrinello-Cason and Sabrina Weiss$709 months for the Price of 7
September 1, 2020-May 31, 2021SEA Tween Book Club 2020 – 2021Ages 9-12Michelle Parrinello-Cason and Sabrina Weiss$70Space Available
September 21-December 13High School Writing with Malcolm Gladwell’s OutliersAges 13+Michelle Parrinello-Cason$99CLASS FULL
September 28-December 30Protest Songs Through History: A Reading, Writing, and Listening ProjectAges 14+Michelle Parrinello-Cason$260CLASS FULL
October 1-31, 2020Teen Book club, High School, SEA Online ClassesOctober Teen Book Club: Here We Are: Feminism for the Real WorldAges 13+Michelle Parrinello-Cason$10Space Available
October 6 - November 24A white and brown dog with big earsMiddle School Writing with A Dog in the CaveAges 11 - 13Michelle Parrinello-Cason$110CLASS FULL
October 26-December 7Exploring Philosophy with The Good Place: Season 1Ages 14+Michelle Parrinello-Cason$60Space Available
October 26-December 7, 2020Exploring Philosophy with The Good Place: Season 2Ages 13+Michelle Parrinello-Cason$60CLASS FULL
November 1-30, 2020November 2020 Tween Book Club: MatildaAges 9-12Michelle Parrinello-Cason$10Space Available
December 1-31, 2020December Tween Book Club: The First Rule of Punk 2020Ages 9-12Michelle Parrinello-Cason$10Space Available
January 1-31, 2021Teen Book club, High School, SEA Online ClassesJanuary Teen Book Club: Tipping Point 2021Ages 13+Michelle Parrinello-Cason$10Space Available
February 1-28, 2020February Tween Book Club: Esperanza Rising 2021Ages 9-12Michelle Parrinello-Cason$10Space Available
March 1-31, 2021March Tween Book Club: Drowned City: Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans 2021Ages 9-12Michelle Parrinello-Cason$10Space Available
April 1-30, 2021Teen Book club, High School, SEA Online ClassesApril Teen Book Club: Turning 15 on the Road to FreedomAges 13+Michelle Parrinello-Cason$10Space Available
May 1-31, 2021Teen Book club, High School, SEA Online ClassesMay Teen Book Club: Brown Girl DreamingAges 13+Michelle Parrinello-Cason$10Space Available

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