High School & College Readiness Tracks and a College Fair at the SEA Homeschool Convention

Does the thought of homeschooling to college make you nervous? Are you homeschooling a high school student? Will you be soon? How often do you hear the question (or ask yourself), “What will they do next?” Homeschoolers have as many options open to them for post-secondary education and training as any other student their age. However, because not all of those post-secondary institutions are aware that secular homeschoolers exist, it can be difficult to learn about all those options. Good news! You have an opportunity this summer to learn all about preparing for life after high school in one convenient place.

Join us at the SEA Homeschoolers Convention, July 12 – 15, at the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta. Your questions about homeschooling high school and preparing your learner for life after high school will be answered!

Wondering what learning tools and practices people need to succeed in high school and college? Join Barbara Oakley, author of Learning How to Learn, on Friday (7/13) at 4:00pm.

Worried about paying for college? Join Marcia McConnell, Director of Scholarships & New Student Financial Aid at Berry College, on Friday (7/13) at 10:15am.

Interested in pursuing Dual Enrollment? Hear from Dr. Annise Mabry, local homeschooling mom and founder of an alternative diploma program, Tiers Free Academy, on Friday (7/13) at 11:30am.

Wondering how in the world to even choose which colleges to look at? Join Brett Kennedy, an admissions professional with over 25 years of experience in both big public schools and small private schools, on Friday (7/13) at 11:30am.

Would you like to talk directly to admission counselors from a wide array of post-secondary institutions? Visit the College Fair at the Convention on Friday (7/13) from 1-4pm and find out what private schools, public schools, specialty schools, community colleges, and technical colleges are looking for when they evaluate a student for admission to their institution.

Concerned your high school learner is not up to par with writing? Get advice from Julie Bogart, creator of the Bravewriter curriculum, on Saturday (7/14) at 9:00am.

Are you worried about how to teach science (even if your science-loving teen wants to be an astronaut or a doctor)? Get advice from Blair Lee, scientist and founder of SEA Homeschoolers, on Friday (7/13) at 11:30am.

Gina Oldendorf will give advice on Teaching Higher Level Sciences at Home on Friday (7/13) 10:15am. This talk focuses on providing science education that will help students transition from homeschool to the university.

Ready to start the college application process? Get tips from Lori Dunlap, founder of the Uncommon Applicant and educational and career consultant for homeschoolers, on Saturday (7/14) at 9:00am.

Not sure how to prepare your high school learner for the SAT or ACT?  Come hear Deb Hagerty, founder of Erudite Tutors, on Saturday (7/14) at 11:30am.

Is your student interested in creating their own high school learning path? Join Kat Hutcheson, a second generation secular homeschooler, on Saturday (7/14) at 4:00pm.

Do you want to make sure that your high school learner is ready for college-level reading? Come hear Michael Grether, owner of Global Academic Production, on Sunday (7/15) at 11:30am.

Have you heard about portfolios but are not sure how to create one for you college-bound teen? Join Kaye Gibson, from Oak Meadow, for her talk about creating an effective portfolio on Saturday, (7/14) 11:30am.

Speaking of portfolios, have you ever heard of integrating portfolio-building projects into high school? Join Sam Cook and Blair Lee for their talk about Project-Based Learning: How to Do Them and Why You Should on Saturday (7/14) 10:15am.

It will be a weekend packed with learning and community-building with secular homeschoolers from across the country. It is a great time to ask the questions you most want answered about preparing your high school learner for what comes next!

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