2018 Secular Homeschool Convention

SEA Homeschoolers Convention 2018

The second-ever SEA Homeschoolers convention wrapped up after four days of activity, inspiration, and connection, and the energy and sense of community continue to move us forward. From the many creative presenters and vendors sharing their passion and expertise to the attendees and volunteers sharing time and ideas, everyone came together in an atmosphere of encouragement.

This event would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of many passionate people, and you: the community.  Our community gives SEA Homeschoolers energy, spirit, heart, and inspiration.  You are why we do what we do.  Thank you all!

Please join us for the next SEA Homeschoolers Convention in 2020!

A few highlights from the SEA Homeschoolers Convention 2018:

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A virtual trip to the SEA Homeschoolers Convention 2018:

Be sure to check out the gorgeous, free magazine created by SEA Homeschoolers Founder, Blair Lee! The first issue is your virtual trip to the convention, through the vendor hall, and much more.  You can click through to vendor websites, check out speaker bios, and read articles about the sessions.

Some of the speakers and presenters have generously shared videos and follow-up information in the SEA Homeschoolers Conventions group on Facebook  — check it out!

Find contact details for our speakers in the magazine or the directory of speakers.

Here’s what people are saying about the SEA Homeschoolers Convention 2018:

“I wanted to share that I have attended many conventions and conferences over the years both in the homeschooler world and beyond … this was one of the most well-organized and warmest conventions I have attended. As a conference speaker, I found those attending my presentation to be careful listeners who engaged with the materials I was presenting and more importantly asked great questions. A speaker can ask for little more. Thank you for all your hard work in making the SEA Conference a success. It was a pleasure to be a small part of the program.”  Brett K.

“What a whirlwind of fun and activity that turned out to be.” Brandy C.

“Julie Bogart rocked. I went to 3 of her 4 sessions and loved them all. Blair’s project based learning session was great too. I actually took away more from it this year than last year.” Sarah R.

“Thank you for your awesomely helpful talks. The combination of professional knowledge and personal experience is fantastic.” Stephanie H.

“I got great tips from the session on sensory diets and I really enjoyed Mary Paul’s talk on teaching art history—especially seeing all the cool things her kids made.” Michelle P.

“I’m SO inspired to bring people together right now.” Sidney M.

“I got a lot out of Doreen Marshall’s presentation on talking to kids about suicide. It was very helpful to better understand warning signs and what things to look out for. I enjoyed the sequential literacy talk, that’s going to be a great fit for my youngest so that’s exciting. The dual enrollment talk was fantastic with all the nuts and bolts info I had been wanting.” Kristi A.

“I loved pretty much everything!” Jill Y.

“My child is having a blast, doesn’t want stuff to end.” Lynda M.

“My daughter loved the Microsoft workshop today. Both my kids have enjoyed this experience and offerings.” Kristen P.

“My daughter asked if she could go to the conference every year!” Stephanie H.

“Thank you, SEA, for a great conference! Can’t wait until the next one.” Amanda M.

Our heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved:

Each and every speaker and presenter made this year’s convention memorable and meaningful.  Thank you all for your investment of time, energy, and resources to prepare and present to our convention attendees, and for the passion and creativity you brought.

A big thank you to the vendors, sponsors, and colleges who helped make this convention possible.  Your support for this convention is deeply appreciated, and it was wonderful to have you join us in Atlanta to connect with the secular homeschool community.

We invite all our readers to visit these generous businesses and colleges to show them some love and thank them for their support!

Without our many volunteers who kept things running smoothly by tending to details, working magic, and managing the mundane with a smile, this event would not have been the success you made possible.  Thank you so much.

SEA Homeschoolers founder and tireless inspiration, Blair Lee, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for building this community, working to promote secular homeschooling, and giving so much of yourself to so many.

Finally, to our 2018 Convention Chair, Kathryn Grogg, who pulled off a monumental feat of coordination and activity, we give an enormous THANK YOU!

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