Don’t Let High School Writing Scare You!

If you and I had dinner together, I could teach you the essay format on the back of a napkin! What’s missing in most writing programs for high school is teaching students how to generate insight. This session will focus on how to grow your teen’s rhetorical imagination so that your student has something of worth to put in all those essays. Julie will share tools and strategies for expanding your teen’s world through research, risky thinking, and writing. Learn how to prepare for college admission, too. Finally, Julie will address the unique and delicate dynamics of parenting teens while coaching them at the same time

Partnership Writing—The Missing Link in Writing Instruction

Your child struggles to get words on the page, yet you feel guilty about offering help. Is it cheating to do the handwriting for him? When your child revises a draft, is it okay for you, the parent, to make suggestions or contribute sentences and ideas? Partnering with your child in writing means to model, support, and guide the writing process by supplying the appropriate amount of help to the evident level of need. Julie shares concrete steps you can take to partner with your child from kindergarten all the way through high school. Partnering protects your relationship while growing the writer. Partnership Writing is the most overlooked stage of development in writing. Learn to be the partner your child needs and deserves.

The Secret to Breakthroughs in Writing

Programs, curriculum, homeschool gurus—they all miss it. Yet it’s so simple! Find out what professional writers know about writing instruction that educators overlook. You’ll walk away from this session knowing exactly what to do to change the dynamic around writing in your family…for good. In fact, you can turn your writing program around in one step. The good news is: anyone can apply this principle to writing (you don’t have to be an expert writer yourself). By the end of the lecture, you’ll have an 8-week writing plan to use right away—no purchase necessary! End the hand-wringing and tears for good.

Enchanted Education

The fantasy homeschool that lives in your imagination is a good one. It’s haunted by a invisible spirit called “The Ghost of Public School Past.” Her name is Mrs. Cox, she holds a red pen, she whispers in your left ear: “By this age in school, your child would already be…” Make it stop! That voice leads you to do all kinds of schoolish activities in the name of taking education seriously. It also leads to unhappiness, tedium, and feelings of failure. What would happen if you could brush her off your shoulder? What if you could follow the fragile, bright vision you have of how life at home could be? Inspire an enchanted learning adventure in your home instead!

Biography of Featured Speaker Julie Bogart

secular homeschool conference School Choice Week 2018: The Magic of a Language Rich Lifestyle for Kids with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia

I have five kids (now adults) and homeschooled them for seventeen years. My professional writing credentials include ghostwriting, freelance writing, editing books, operating as the senior editor for a quarterly industry publication, and writing a weekly column for United Press International.

I’ve written Brave Writer‘s Home Study Courses and have written or supervised the writing of all other Brave Writer products.

My homeschool credentials include ten years teaching theater and writing for our Cincinnati homeschool co-op of 300 students, four year membership in the steering committee of a local Charlotte Mason organization, speaking in the US, UK, and Canada at homeschool conventions, and hosting Brave Writer events all over the United States. Brave Writer opened its doors in January 2000 and has taught tens of thousands of families from all around the globe. Today, I live in Cincinnati, Ohio where I enjoy running, PG tips tea every morning, and kayaking.


Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018


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