Testing Alphabet Soup
Understanding Testing, Assessments, & When to Pursue Professional Assistance

ITB…what? How do I tell if my child is really learning to read? I don’t think my kid is learning much in math, how do I tell? My state requires a standardized assessment, what is that? What DO all these numbers mean? Does my kid need an assessment from a professional?

This session will discuss those questions and more. Come learn about different types of tests and assessments to monitor the progress of your child’s learning and/or determine if they may have learning or other differences. We’ll talk about the assessments available to you as a homeschooling parent and some places to obtain them. We’ll also talk about professionals that do various types of assessments and how those assessments may be of use in your homeschooling journey.

Note: Assessment requirements vary from state to state. We will talk about assessments globally. But if you come with the type of assessment your state requires (get the specific language from your homeschool laws or regulations), then I can likely help you understand it better.


Between The Rock & A Hard Place
Secular Homeschooling as a Person of Faith: A Discussion
Are you a person of faith that chooses secular homeschooling or secular materials in your homeschooling? You are not alone. Join us for a discussion of the challenges of being a person of faith (any faith), yet making this secular choice. Let’s discuss the challenges and rewards, where we have found support, and whatever else we are led to talk about.
Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018
Kathryn’s Biography

Kathryn R. Grogg, Ph.D., is a certified school psychologist in the state of Georgia. Through Grogg Educational Consulting, LLC, she provides assistance to families in making the best educational decision for children. As a doctoral level school psycholgist and former classroom teacher, she has over 20 years of experience in elementary, middle, high school, and adult remedial educational programs. In her training and career as a school psychologist, she has expertise in assessment, testing, program evaluation, and consultation. She has worked in public and charter school settings, and as an advocate for families in various settings. She is also a parent and home educator who is well-versed in designing, implementing and measuring progress in home school programs can connecting families with local, regional and national resources.

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