Let’s talk LGBTQIA+ lit and more
Together we will create a safe place for the teens to sit and talk about the books that appeal to them as they journey through life. Join Kimba Armbrust-Kohler for a round table discussion about LGBTQIA+ literature and more. Open to teens (13+).
An infusion of information about herbs
We’ll brew a cup of tea and chat about herbs, herbal medicine, phytochemistry and how growing, harvesting, foraging for, preserving, and preparing herbs are an amazing ways to learn about the world and ties into (the homeschooling) life beautifully. Depending on the size of the of the group we will make an herbal blend that they can take home with them (or drink later in their hotel room). Open to tweens (10-12) and teens (13+).

Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018

Kimba’s Biography


I’m a recovering goth, a pop-culture junkie, a full-time unschooling SAHM, a part-time librarian WOHM, a professional artist/crafts person, an herbalist, an avid reader, and occasionally an interesting person to talk with.

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