Homeschool Sensory Diet

Gain tools for homeschooling your child with sensory processing difficulties! We’ll discuss reasons behind sensory processing disorder and movement and other exercises to help reduce these difficulties. We’ll also walk through a “homeschool sensory diet”, a day full of sensory activities to keep the brain happy and learning!

Strengthen the Brain!

Learn how to improve cognitive skills like working memory, visual and auditory processing, visualization, and more through games and exercises. You’ll gain understanding and tools for improving these skills and guiding your student to academic success. Geared toward ages 5-18, parents will leave with practical and actionable steps to strengthening the brain while still having fun!

Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018

Laura’s Biography

Teacher, mom, and director of Yellow Wood Success Academy in Lexington, KY, Laurie is passionate about strengthening her students’ ability to learn by giving them tools to help them overcome learning challenges. She began Yellow Wood Tutoring in 2013 and has helped many children find success through her holistic and unique approach to education, which she calls “Success Training”, in her cottage school and tutoring center. Laurie has also developed online workshops on Success Training and provides workshops and trainings for other teachers, moms, dads and administrators.

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