Greetings my fellow SEA Homeschoolers, Happy New Year 2017, and thank you for subscribing to our newsletter!

SEA Homeschoolers began humbly. I was looking for a community of homeschoolers to talk to. Homeschoolers who, like me, consider their style secular, academic, and eclectic. I wanted a community where we recognized, valued, and in fact celebrated each other’s differences. A group where it felt comfortable discussing how we were homeschooling our unique children uniquely, but also where we shared the innovative things we were doing in our homeschools. At the time, I was hoping there were at least a handful of other homeschoolers who wanted the same. I underestimated how many people were looking for what I was. Over the past 21 months, SEA Homeschoolers has grown into a vibrant support community of over 10,000 members.

The new SEA Homeschoolers’ website has been a huge undertaking with many components to it. This newsletter is one of them.  Some parts of it, like the blog, already have a large amount of content. Other parts of the website, such as our review section, are just getting started. In my first letter from the editor I want to tell you about the different sections on the website and the endeavors we have planned. If you have any comments or want to contact us, please do contact us.

Blog: On the SEA Homeschoolers’ blog you will find over 200 articles filled with advice and information from experienced homeschoolers. Every month we add content to the blog as we add articles written by members of our secular homeschool community. Those are the articles you will receive each month in the newsletter.

Database of Secular Reviews: The database is a work in progress. We are asking our fellow members of the secular community to please come to the site and leave reviews for materials and programs you have used. The database is monitored to ensure that all reviews meet our set of definitions for what constitutes secular academic materials. In addition, we will compile a list, based on member’s input, of those products that are not secular.  These will not have reviews. I hope you will help us with this, and please, leave reviews for materials you have used. Every review benefits our community. By helping people find and choose secular materials, there will be more demand for those materials, and more will be developed. SEA Member Product Review Form

SEA Homeschoolers Staff Reviews: There are some really cool products and programming we want to share with you. The materials in this section are things we have used and loved. Our hope is that by telling other secular homeschoolers about awesome products, it will encourage the development of more of them.

Shop: Our shop is just getting started. We have free materials for our subscribers in it now. In the coming months we will be adding material for sale including several unit studies currently being written. How many times have you listened to another homeschooler who has done an innovative course of study with her children and wished your child could do the same project?  Maybe that homeschooler is even you. This page will be a way homeschoolers can author, share, and sell their original materials. If this opportunity sparks your creative muse, and you want to talk, please contact us.

Events Page: SEA Homeschoolers has three conferences scheduled for 2017. The first conference is an online conference in January for School Choice Week. This conference will have five pre-recorded podcasts over five days. Each podcast will focus on a different teaching methodology. In June, SEA Homeschoolers will host our first annual conference at Shepherd University in West Virginia. This conference is a community celebration and gathering. Over the next weeks we will be adding to and updating the speakers and vendors list. We already have exciting programming planned for homeschoolers of all ages. The third conference is another online conference scheduled for October, 2017. At this conference we will have three talks a day over five days. Each day this conference will focus on homeschooling a different core academic discipline.

SEA Homeschoolers’ YouTube channel: SEA Homeschoolers has a new YouTube channel. The YouTube channel will include product reviews, short science videos, and a bimonthly talk show hosted by Mari Beth Buckroth and Blair Lee. The talk show will also be recorded in podcast format. I will share more about that in the coming months.

You will see some advertising on the website but only a limited amount. Ads are our way of keeping the light on. All advertising will be for materials that meet the SEA Homeschoolers definitions for what constitutes secular materials.

In addition to the website, we have a Facebook community of over 10,000 homeschoolers. We have one large main group and several much smaller specialized Facebook groups. This is where SEA Homeschool members can get answer to their questions in real time. These are active and friendly groups where questions do not go unanswered.

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey, Blair Lee

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