Neurodiversity and Sensory Processing

The window of sensory processing empowers us to better understand behavior – plus it provides vocabulary that seeds self-advocacy and empowers authentic learning. The human neurological system manifests with as much diversity as, well, people. Come, equip yourself with information and empathy that will change the way you deal with teaching, learning, maybe even yourself. In this workshop, we will look at information, share stories, and do some hand-on activities to help your home-schooler(s) find their Awesomest Version of Themself!

Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018
Lorilei’s Biography

secular homeschool conference School Choice Week 2018: Dreibelbis 2

Lorilei taught in private, public, parochial, and Montessori schools, grades Pre-K through 12, in History, Math, Spanish, Home Sciences, Reading, and Student Government in various capacities for 10 years. She has 1500+ hours Challenge Course Facilitation experience and 200+ hours in Challenge Course Training. She has 10 years of experience in Outdoor and Environmental Education, including canoeing, archery, riflery, ornithology, historic games, and more. She has 8 years of experience teaching swimming to students from toddlers to adults, and teaching Lifeguarding. Lorilei has been homeschooling her two children for 6 years; a child living with autism and a child living with Auditory Processing Disorder and Dyslexia. She also has over 30 years as a Girl Scout. Her experience as a gifted student and as an “Autism parent” provides her with intimate knowledge and insight into ways we do and do not respect one another, experiences that include environments that are ethnically, culturally, economically, socially and geographically diverse (from urban Southern California to rural Virginia, and lots in between).

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