SEA Welcomes You to Shepherdstown, WV

I love Shepherdstown, WV, and I am so excited to share this town with everyone coming to the SEA Conference. My kids and I spend a lot of time there; it is a very homeschool friendly community. We will often go walk several miles along the C and O Canal then hit the Green Pineapple for some Bubble Tea or Asian Fusion food. We also attend many activities at Shepherd University, and then often get dinner at The Blue moon Cafe. For us the Blue Moon is ago to place to eat with local, fresh food and options that please everyone including those who eat gluten free or vegan (or both). Sunday morning is the Farmers Market where organic, locally grown food is available.

You can also find homemade food items, lotions, and creams as well candles and flowers. After the market people go to either the Shepherdstown Sweet Shop for their Coffee (or a delicious treat -sweet or savory)or the Lost Dog Coffee Shop. I tend to go to Mellow Moods, a full restaurant with juices, smoothies, and vegan and gluten free options. Another popular place to eat is Maria’s Taqueria, also with gluten free and vegan options. I would be remiss not to mention Tonic, a place with many herbal supports and delicious teas. If you are feeling tired from late nights and lots of excitement at the conference, this would be a great place to stop into.

Feel like a quick snack? Mountaineer Popcorn is a local, homeschool family business. I had no idea popcorn could be flavored in so many ways! To be honest, most of the restaurants provide options to meet any dietary needs and have excellent service. Just in case you are worried, Kings Pizza , a few minutes past town in the same plaza as a Rite Aid and grocery store, does make NY style pizza; and I am from Queens, it is the closest I have ever gotten to acceptable Pizza outside of the Boroughs.

Shopping is easy, there are many fun stores to go into. They range from unique, artisan quality gifts, clothes, decor and wine. Several local winerieshave great selections available, and if you are a sweet wine drinker, make sure to try Bad Cat. It is a favorite any time I open a bottle. O’Hurley’s is definitely a not to be missed shop, just like an old time general store, it truly has a bit of everything both old and new, throughout an entire building.

My favorite store is the Four Seasons Book Shop. Kendra, the manager is great with ideas and suggestions. As an Indie shop, they carry many books not often found in the chain bookstores. They have an excellent Children’s Section and an entire room of used books. If you like more graphic art with your lit, there is also a Comic Book Store about three blocks from campus.

Although it is easy to spend all day in town, there are many outdoor opportunities available as well. Want a place to play with your children? Morgan Grove Park has fields, playgrounds, a mile long trail, a stream and plenty of picnic tables. Looking for an adventure a little further away? Antietam National Battlefield is ten minutes away in Maryland. Do you want a unique kind of adventure?? Check out Crystal Grottoes, also in Maryland, and just past Antietam Battle Ground.

For something close to campus, there is a smaller park, typically known to locals, known as the home of the James Rumsey Monument and with great views of the Potomac River and a playground just a short 10 minute walk from campus. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can rent bikes and kayaks from Shepherdstown Peddle and Paddle.

It is easy to spend a day, or a week, in the Shepherdstown area and not run out of things to do, or places to explore. I hope you enjoy visiting the area as much as I do. Don’t forget your walking shoes and make sure you have plenty of room for pictures on your phone or camera.