How can you create a literature & living books, liberal arts, college prep, high school education , in an interconnected, long-range, cross curriculum program of study?

This talk, by Mari, describes how she created a program that encompasses the Humanities (Literature & Composition, History, and Philosophy), Social Sciences Anthropology, Economics, Government, Civics, Geography, Psychology), and the Creative Arts (Fine Arts, Theatre, Speech, Creative Writing), and will help you do so as well.

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Using Literature & Living Books to provide a Liberal Arts,
College-Preparatory Program of Study for High School

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Mari has been secularly homeschooling her daughter since 2009. She has a B.A. in Criminal Justice and an M.A. in Public Administration. She has worked in the juvenile justice system as well as a mental health advocate. She is a freelance writer who volunteers at her local co-op. Living in the deep south, where religion rules, Mari was not homeschooling for religious reasons nor would she use religious materials/curriculum. As the high school years approached, Mari began to consider what type of high school curricula would best meet her standards of education as well as meeting the needs of Punky to develop her interest in a college preparatory program with a liberal arts focus. Mari blogs as The Inappropriate Homeschooler and is the co-founder of The National Alliance for Secular Homeschoolers.

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