Keeping art history fun for younger kids

Art history is a tough subject to teach without being boring. This session will give parents the tools to make it fun and keep it interesting even for younger kids. Using an art curriculum that she developed for a homeschool art class, Mary will demonstrate how to interweave information about the artists and their techniques along with a sample art project. Mary specializes in a cross-discipline, hands-on process that helps keep learning fun while helping cement concepts, ideas, and facts.

Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018

Mary’s Biography

Mary Paul is the blogger behind Homeschooling2e, a blog chronicling her family’s adventures and mishaps. She is an artist who specializes in a digital/analog cyanotype process who now homeschools her children in the suburbs of D.C. She has a degree in art and journalism, and is putting those to good use in her current role as educational guide. Because her son is twice exceptional, Mary is accustomed to creating a hands-on learning process to accommodate his learning needs.

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