Join Secular, Eclectic, Academic Homeschoolers January 21 – 27, for a conference focusing on Homeschooling Children across the Learning Spectrums. The talks in this conference will focus on homeschooling children with different degrees of health, learning, and attention issues.

Secular, Eclectic, Academic Homeschoolers is committed to providing support to our community. Each online conference has a special focus, looking at issues that homeschoolers are dealing with and want guidance, insight, or information about. For the online conferences, Secular, Eclectic, Academic Homeschoolers partners with sponsoring companies who have a similar commitment to home education to bring these conferences to our community at no charge to attendees.

Thanks go to our friends at Sequential Spelling for sponsoring this conference.

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Homeschooling with Chronic Illness

Autism Spectrum/Aspergers

2E, Gifted, Asynchronous Learners

College for Homeschool Students with Learning Differences: Laura Kazan

College for Homeschool Students with Learning Differences: Laura Kazan

College is possible for students with learning differences. This session includes a discussion of different college types – LD colleges, colleges with LD program, colleges that provide supplementary support, test optional colleges, and general accommodations. We will also look at SAT, ACT, and high school testing accommodations and the college 504 plan. Lastly we will look at strategies that families can put in place during the middle school and high school years to prepare their student for a successful transition to college and independence.

Laura Kazan runs the Southern California Homeschooling with an IEP Facebook page which has grown to over 700 local families in 2 years. She works as a private college admissions counselor for homeschool, charter school, and traditional schooling families.



Homeschooling High Needs and/or Anxious Children

The Anxious Mom's Guide to a Thriving Homeschool: Nadine Dyer

The Anxious Mom's Guide to a Thriving Homeschool: Nadine Dyer

Homeschooling a child who has anxiety/panic disorders can be an exhausting, overwhelming, and frustrating job. If the homeschooling parent also has an anxiety disorder on top of it all? Well, this can create a situation that can be very hard to navigate. In this presentation, Nadine will discuss how she has managed her son’s anxiety and panic responses and their experiences together on this journey. She will also discuss how her OWN diagnosed anxiety disorder has affected how she homeschools her children. And how she has come to have a homeschool that’s not just surviving – but thriving!

Nadine is a homeschool blogger, homeschooler, coffee addict, and obsessive lover of books. Nadine is a passionate advocate for making each homeschool unique and individualized. Her blog, Up Above The Rowan Tree, is a safe space for secular homeschoolers – where she focuses on sharing great products, encouragement, and little tidbits of her own journey as a secular home educator.