Blair Lee MS

Blair Lee MS

Keynote Speaker

Before retiring to homeschool her son, Blair taught chemistry and biology at the college level. During this time Blair found that many of her students were lacking in basic foundational science upon entering college. She believes science can be and should be taught from the beginning of a child’s education. She began working with her own son and his friends on methods of teaching science concepts usually reserved for high school or college students. Her observations led her to write concept-rich, hands-on courses that engage young people’s minds with a focus on the foundational fundamentals that form the basis for understanding how the natural and physical world works. Blair is a passionate advocate of innovative academics using secular materials for all disciplines. Through her speaking and writing, her goal is to empower homeschoolers to dare to be innovative and create something unique and academically-rich when handcrafting their child’s journey through learning.

The Benefit of Homeschooling: It’s Innovative, It’s Eclectic, It’s Organic, It’s Academic - Keynote Talk:

There is a revolution going on in education. It’s called homeschooling. More and more parents are choosing to homeschool, because the benefits of gifting your child with an education handcrafted to focus on their unique set of strengths, weaknesses, and passions are undeniable.

There are some academic subjects that everybody should know, but even within these subjects there is room to be flexible in a child-led manner. There are other subjects that deserve time and attention because of skill and desire.  This leads to an education that is as unique as each student. The benefits of this type of education are impressive and result in an intellectual engagement with academics and a passionate love of learning. Creating a unique education might seem scary and intimidating, but it is easier than you think. Join Blair for a talk about the how and why of a unique, eclectic, academic education. The response to Blair’s article The Benefit of Homeschooling, It’s Innovative, It’s Eclectic, It’s Organic, It’s Academic led to the formation of SEA Homeschoolers.

Science for the Secular Homeschooler

Talk description soon. Blair is writing this talk at this time.

Project-Based Learning through the Lens of Politics and Activism:

Project-based learning is an approach to learning where students actively engage and immerse themselves in an area of study. Using project-based learning students focus on a large and dynamic subject area, like American politics during an election year and study it in a profound way, while working on essential skill building. This approach enhances learning, because it requires the application of skills kids spend years learning to real-world situations.

Join Blair for a talk focused on how to create a meaningful academic project that incorporates many disciplines as a part of the project. This talk will include information about how to get your child involved in those as well. Blair covered some of the material in this talk in her article Project-Based Learning: through the Lens of Politics and Activism.