Teaching Primitive Skills to Children

Jeff Gottlieb

A workshop for parents, teachers, and group leaders of all descriptions. We’ll practice several skills, and cover teaching methods, materials, lessons to be gotten from the activities, age limits and philosophy of primitive skills education.

Adapting and Modifying to Support Homeschooling with Special Needs

Christina Keller

Support families who are teaching children with special needs in understanding learning processes, identifying steps and challenges in the educational process, identify and implement adaptations to equipment, tools, environment for educational purposes, develop and implement supports and education for other family members and siblings. Support social emotional development, interaction and engagement with other members of the family and community. Understand and develop resources and tools for future use. Understand and develop expectations that support children’s individual needs.

Understanding Seasons

Dr. Sytil Murphy

Why does the Earth have seasons? Why is the February colder than December? (Similarly, why is it hotter at 3 PM than at noon?) Explore the answers to these questions through a variety of hands-on activities, including the use of solar cells.

Eating Bugs as a way to Learn About the World!

David Gracer

We all know that insects occur in many shapes and colors, and they do many things to maintain our world: they pollinate, process waste, and provide food for a wide variety of species. But they can also help save humanity, by providing the most sustainable and nutritious food we could possibly eat. Yes, many people have a problem with this idea, and here’s your chance to get past all that.

In this workshop we will discuss entomophagy, the consumption of insects as a viable food-source for all of humanity. This is a matter of discourse, and of the confluence/conflict between science and human nature. Gracer has studied many facets of this protean subject, and solicits the input of experts and lay people wherever he goes. We’ll talk about the problems and the solutions, and of course you’ll have a chance to sample one or two insects yourself. Bring your appetite and an open mind (you’ll learn more that way).

This program will involve biology, anthropology, journalism, nutrition, and many other disciplines. It will also be fun. Bring lots of questions, and an adventurous mind.

Seed Bombs

Jolinda Kohl

Get your hands dirty mixing seeds, clay, and dirt together to create edible and wildflower seed bombs to take home.

There is nothing inappropriate about secular homeschooling.

Mari Buckroth

The homeschooling community isn’t just made up of religious homeschoolers. There are secular, and even academic, homeschoolers. It’s not inappropriate to homeschool for reasons other than religion. Join the Inappropriate Homeschooler for an entertaining discussion of the many reasons and ways people homeschool. Anyone can do it. You don’t have to be crafty, science-minded, technological or musical. There is a place in the homeschool community for us as well, no matter how inappropriate you may feel.