Alessa Giampaolo Keener, M.Ed.

Alessa Giampaolo Keener, M.Ed.

Having trained in educational assessments at Hopkins, Alessa works with families to understand a child’s unique learning needs. She teaches a 7-week course on Unschooling Reading to homeschoolers and child care workers in Maryland. With an advanced degree and training from Johns Hopkins, she also conducts reading assessments for homeschooling families. She also writes curricula for nonprofits, ed-tech companies, and homeschoolers. Alessa homeschooled her kids into college.


Help! The Test Report Says “LD”, Now What?

You just spent a load of money to find out how homeschooling is going and the report says your child has a learning disability. What do you do now? Put him back in school? Hire a tutor? Buy an expensive packaged curriculum? Sit in a corner and cry? Join us for a practical look at psycho-educational testing and what it all means. We’ll examine actual test scores to understand the difference between standard scores, percentile ranks, and why grade equivalent scores don’t mean what you think they mean. We’ll discuss why certain score patterns, along with poor achievement, don’t automatically mean dyslexia or some other disability. Finally, we’ll talk about when scores tell us it’s time to accommodate a child’s learning differences and strategies you can use with kids who have low processing speed or slow working memory.

Unschooling Reading

They say you can teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons, but if it’s so simple, do you really need to buy a curriculum? This workshop will examine the 5 core areas of the reading process and how you can weave them into your daily homeschool life. We’ll look at actual examples of hands-on learning activities you can use with little to no materials. At the end, attenders will come away with the basic skills they need to plan natural, play-based learning experiences that lead to solid reading skills.