Amanda McClure

Amanda McClure

Amanda is the Founding Director of Groovy Kids Online, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making every family a learning family. Additionally, she homeschools her 11-year-old son and the occasional neighbor kid when they need it.

Transitioning to Independent Learning

Do you have to stand over your child to get them to finish their school work? Is it driving you crazy? This workshop will focus on how to help children and parents transition from guided learning to independent learning. Topics addressed will include appropriate expectations for independent learning based on age, working with students who have ADHD, motivational techniques, and systems and routines that foster independent learning.

Creating a Culture of Learning in Your Family

This presentation will offer suggestions to create a culture of learning in your family to make homeschool easier and more organic. Topics will include: creating a home environment that fosters learning, how to engage children of different ages, and finding resources to feed your family’s nerd culture. Parent’s will leave with a list of resources to help foster the learning culture in their home.