Beverly Burgess

Beverly Burgess

Beverly Burgess, author of Out of the Box Learning ~ Empowering YOU On Your Homeschool Journey, lives in Rhode Island with her husband and three children. Bev loves sharing her eleven plus years of expertise with homeschoolers across the country and internationally as a Homeschool Coach & Consultant. She coaches new & experienced homeschoolers, and lectures on a multitude of topics about Homeschooling. Her oldest child is a writing major at a small liberal arts college in Vermont. Her middle child just left for the Marines (literally), and her youngest child is still homeschooling and runs his own video editing business. Bev spent seven years as the Executive Director of the largest secular nonprofit homeschooling group in Rhode Island and is an admitted curriculum hoarder.

Homeschooling Through Highschool

Homeschooling Through Highschool is a fun and exciting time for your homeschooler. Beverly has one child in college, one child who just graduated highschool, and her third child enters highschool in September. During this one hour presentation aimed at college-bound highschoolers, Bev shares her method for getting through all four years and beyond.
*Parents needing college planning information can find a full four-year plan in Bev’s Book, Out of the Box Learning~Empowering YOU On Your Homeschool Journey. Bev will be available after the presentation to sign her book.

Presentation will include:
-When Grades Are Not enough.
-Typical Course of Study.
-Sample Course Schedule.
-Assigning Credits.
-How to Create a Great Portfolio.
-Q & A

Homeschooling 101-Get Past The Fear

We’ve all seen the usual “How to Begin Homeschooling Posts”. It starts with knowing your state laws, tells you to find local homeschool groups, fills you in on socialization, and then leads you to find the perfect curriculum. Well hold on to your homeschool planners! This workshop is not that, and will help you put those homeschooling fears aside even before you begin that search for the perfect fitting curriculum.
Are you considering Homeschooling but can’t seem to take that leap? Are family and friends telling you it’s a mistake? Are you worried about homeschooling through highschool, or maybe you fear you will ruin your kids forever? Then join us in this hour-long workshop and learn how to Get Past the Fear, and make the leap into homeschooling. We will end our time together with a guided meditation to help empower you on your new journey.