Dr. Rebecca Wald

Dr. Rebecca Wald

Rebecca Wald, Ph.D. is both an experienced homeschooler and a psychologist licensed in the state of Maryland. Through her clinical psychology practice, Minds in Focus, she helps homeschooling families (and others outside the mainstream) with concerns about learning disabilities, ADHD, behavior problems, anxiety, and depression. Dr. Wald has a particular interest in working with “twice exceptional” children – gifted and learning disabled, or gifted with a mental health condition.

Learning Differences: An Introduction for Homeschooling Families

Learning styles, learning disabilities, learning differences, learning challenges: there’s a lot of information out there, and it’s hard to figure out what applies to your child. This program will review (briefly!) what is known about learning differences and will help you figure out whether any concerns you might have should be explored further. We’ll talk about how to homeschool with confidence when your child has LDs.

Reading: When to Worry

So your homeschooler isn’t reading yet, or isn’t reading well. Should you just relax, or should you worry? In this session, we’ll discuss the science of learning to read and the basic skills that prepare the brain for reading. Learn how to tell the difference between a child who needs time and a child who needs help.

ADHD, LD, and College Bound: Preparing Your Alternative Learner for College

Everyone seems to have an opinion on ADHD, but what does the science say? In this session, understand what’s happening in a brain with ADHD, subtypes and symptoms, how ADHD is diagnosed, pros and cons of medication, and how ADHD can affect the day-to-day reality of homeschooling. Learn strategies for homeschooling your child with ADHD (diagnosed or just suspected) without losing your sanity in the process!